Reliable, personal travel advice.
That’s what Plansify is all about.


Our story

As experienced travelers ourselves, we started Plansify in order to connect those in need of real travel advice with actual travel experts who can provide the most reliable, specific and personalized travel advice possible. Why rely on outdated sources of travel information when you can connect directly with an experienced traveler?

Whether you need assistance creating an itinerary for Central America or you’re looking for a perfect honeymoon destination in Asia… there is a Plansify travel advisor who can assist. If you’re searching for ways to earn money overseas or you need advice on how to volunteer in Africa or how to travel on a budget throughout Australia…our experts are ready to guide you. The point is, Plansify works for absolutely any travel-related questions you may have!

The reason for this is that our travel advisors are actually doing the very things, living in the very places and experiencing the very situations that you want to know about. Each advisor is a genuine expert in one or more aspects of travel and/or destinations and in just a few clicks, you can tap straight into their bank of valuable knowledge. You even get to choose how you want to communicate with an advisor – either by submitting your questions through our Plansify question form or through a 1 hour Skype call.

As a result, the days of general, outdated, impersonal advice are over.

The days of quick, reliable, personal travel advice have just begun… allowing you to easily gain the confidence needed to move forward with your travel plans, to achieve any of your travel goals and to simply, travel wiser.


Derek Baron

Co-founder / CEO

Derek spent time as a Tour Director on board luxury cruise ships before becoming a full-time travel blogger. His popular travel blog – – earns consistent recognitions and awards for the quality of its content and its large following, having been mentioned in Time Magazine, New York Times, and endless other media around the world. He is now dedicated to working relentlessly on Plansify, fully excited about the positive impact such a platform can have on how people receive travel advice.

Erinc Mullaoglu

Co-founder / CTO

Erinc is an experienced software engineer and web developer who turned the idea of Plansify into a brilliant reality, and who also keeps the entire platform and all of its functionality running smoothly. He has over ten years experience building web products, having worked in various software engineering positions and for various companies and organizations, including Neverblue and Hootsuite Labs in Vancouver. Passionate about startup culture and travel, the idea of Plansify immediately seemed like a perfect match for his skills and interests.

Jessica Spiegel

Social Media Community Manager

Jessica is a freelance writer & community manager based in Portland, Oregon. She’s an Italy travel expert & a footy fan, has a fondness for cities with bad reputations, & writes killer virtual introduction emails. She sings in a rock band & always orders the Sazerac if it’s on the cocktail menu. Jessica is unabashedly enthusiastic about the transformative potential of travel, no matter where or how you go, & if she never hears the “traveler vs. tourist” argument again it’ll be too soon.

Mike Sowden

Content Marketing Manager

Mike is a student of archaeology turned freelance writer and storytelling consultant, somewhat loosely based in the north of England. He has written for Problogger, CNN Travel, Mashable, Gadling, and the San Francisco Chronicle, and his blog,, has been mentioned by World Hum and Lifehacker. The newest team member at Plansify, he’s beyond thrilled to be on board. His chosen travel style is misadventure, and he spends his spare time getting lost on lonely English hillsides.

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