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Frequent Flyer Mile Expert | World Travel | Entrepreneurship
You think you know frequent flyer miles, but you don't! And that's ok. 5+ years obsessing over FF miles (earning and redeeming).


Nightlife / Partying

We believe partying isn't a reason to travel, but it's an aspect of the reason we travel. If you want to truly understand a culture, you need to learn the language, customs, music, arts, food, history, and how the people live. And you guessed it, nearly every country in the world appreciates a good party. We've have experience rapidly building networks in new cities which allows you to have a social life and friends as if you were back at home.

Technology & travel

Having started and run multiple profitable businesses while traveling the globe, leveraging the beast technology is paramount. Whether it be organizing lodging, flights, excursions, tracking frequent flyer miles, or just communication with friends and family back home, we have a game plan. And back up plans for the back up plans!

Budget travel

We can save you thousands on airfare, but we also have experience going on extended trips. What does this mean? The longer the trip, typically the more 'budget in mind' you need to be. We have a business that affords us to travel, but we still prefer to be frugal so we can invest as much into the business as possible (travel savings = biz investing) while maintaining a reasonable standard of living. We'll help you save LOTS, but also maintain comfort and sprinkle in some luxury!

Air travel

For 5 years now, we've been obsessing over award travel (earning frequent flyer miles/points and using them to book flights). As you can imagine, the airlines don't make it simple for people to earn and use their frequent flyer miles. We know how to earn the most amount of miles per dollar spent, as well as how to get the most travel out of each frequent flyer mile, all while minimizing the pesky taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges!


In total, we've done 14 Brazil trips. What we can say? We love it. Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Florianopolis are cities that we've actually lived in. We've done a lot of exploring whether it be Iguazu, Fortaleza, Natal, or small beach towns. Brazil is a difficult, but rewarding place to navigate. Things like getting a cell phone (or even things as simple as buying an appliance) are often incredibly complex. We'll help your trip begin and end smoothly!


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