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Adam Nubern

Owner, Nuventure CPA
Mountain biking CPA that lives in a campervan down by the lake….in New Zealand


Career break

We saved up our first five years out of college to do this Career Break. Living off of one income was tough, but "short term sacrifice for long term gain" was our motto. You would be amazed at how your employer would be pumped for you to travel! Change is scary, but when you simplify life down to a backpack you can tune into your heart's desire all the more.

Expat life

There can be a lot of red tape to navigate when traveling long term for Americans. That red tape grows exponentially when you start a business while abroad. Health insurance is not the same as travel insurance…..whhhhaattt? I need a VPN to receive money from Venmo….huh? I can help you sort through all that stuff.

Travel gear / packing

We went from a house, to a Honda Accord and now to a 40L backpack each. We are strict with chucking the items we haven't used in two months. We are never thirst on our long backpacking trips thanks to our water filtration system. Binder clip instead of wallet…genius!

Long-term travel

Yea, it is tough talking with the United Airlines customer service to get from New Zealand to Thailand, but it feels oh-so-good when you only spend sixty bucks! Subsidizing lodging costs by housesitting has been essential for us…we even got to cuddle some sheep. Spreadsheets to track our daily spending Isaiah ful but so necessary.

Couples travel

My wife and I have navigated nine months of travel together, and it has been the absolute best thing we have some for our marriage. We realize one another's stregnths and weaknesses in that we're imaginable back home. We've created a online accounting business from the ground up. I still second guess here navigation as mine is superior….stubborn habits don't fall away easy.

New Zealand

We got to truly experience Kiwiland by living in our campervan, Bernie, for five months. It's like Easter egg hunting trying to find the non-self contained sites. Chains driven versus belt driven…I can help with that. Lake Waikeremoana was our favorite Great Walk. Catching Gurnard off the coast of Raglan was so memorable. Southland folks have more than bad haircuts…they're amazing hosts.

South Africa

Bloukrans Bungy Bridge is a must. We flew from Stellenbosch over to George and stayed in Wilderness. The Garden Route is so peaceful. Hiked down a railroad track and had some tea with the fella that lives in the cave.


Mountain biking in Finale Ligure was da bomb. There aren't many places in the world I want to go back to, but waking up on the beach and biking into the hills for the day is hard to beat. Camping out above Cinque Terre….yea! Make sure to bring a sleeping pad for warmth if you plan to sleep in your hammock, though….gets a wee bit drafty.


Nine inch snowstorm after a seventy degree day? …welcome to Alberta! Road tripping up from Waterton National Park to Jasper National Park is a must! So much hiking and climbing along the way. Don't miss the poutine!


Heck yea let's rent bikes and drive out of town! Make sure that lump in your pho isn't a cow ear….but it does taste good. Sleeping on OSB board isn't as bad as it sounds