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Ahmed Amer

Travel blogger
I am an traveler who enjoys travelling solo, you really can just do whatever takes your fancy. Every single day can be filled with things that interest you.


Solo travel

There are a bunch of reasons why I prefer to travel solo rather than a group. I don’t mind the latter, I just prefer going solo slightly more. But I finally got myself to write my 7 Reasons To Go Backpacking SOLO and why I like to travel & wander by myself.

Travel blogging / writing

I started and stopped alot of travel blogs through out the years but I finally got myself to be the founder of one of the fastest growing collaborative travel blogs out there 🙂

Long-term travel

I have been away from home since I was 17, practically travelling & working abroad in all the countries I've been to so far.


Traveled around South Thailand, lived for a little while on the south Island mainly Koh Phangan. Proud to say I attended one of the wildest full moon parties ever plus I was able to work in a bar & serve drinks while enjoying my party time.


Lived & traveled in Malaysia for few years, I went to all the islands and have traveled by train and by car across the country. But thanks to Air Asia anyone can fly anywhere in Malaysia. Got a huge network of connections over there.

United Arab Emirates

Lived abroad with my parents for few years and have been to all the Emirates, I also lived across 3 cities mainly Abu Dhabi & Dubai.


Been to Jakarta, Bandung and Bali many times & I have alot of contacts there.


Born and bred, traveled extensively across the country across all compass directions.


Featured on Though Catalog


Featured on Couch Surfing about travelling solo