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A.J. Dunn

Abroaders. Next level strategy with FF miles and travel.
Next level frequent flyer mile advice. Currently saving clients over 91% on airfare. Ask us anything about frequent flyer miles and travel.


Air travel

Next level frequent flyer mile advice.


Experience in Mendoza, Cordoba, Rosario, Buenos Aires, and Bariloche. I've experienced a lot first hand in Argentina, but also have great friends spread out through the country that keep me in the loop.


Have been to Vietnam in total, 4 times. Most of the experience is in Saigon, but I'm also familiar with Hanoi, Sa Pa, and the surrounding villages of Sa Pa. If you have questions about adventure travel (motorcycle trips), food, nightlife, or working while in Vietnam (Saigon specifically) I can definitely help you.


I have extensive experience in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Florianopolis. I've visited another 10+ cities, but the cities I've mentioned I can give you advice on nightlife, lodging, sight seeing, logistics and practical safety tips. I'm also happy to provide information on how to handle annoying things like setting up a cell phone (requires CPF, but there are work arounds).