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Alejandro Nuñez

Mexican Traveler & Blogger
As most of the people or travel experts I left my home and work to travel the world, the difference is that maybe I am the only Mexican doing it.


Travel blogging / writing

I have been blogging since 8 years. I just start my own travel blog and in just 4 months I have accomplished more readers, fans and visits that all my previous blogs combined.

Expat life

I am from Chihuahua and I left my home 6 years ago and have been living in different parts of Mexico and Spain.


My home country, I have traveled almost every part of it and I'm and expert on Mexico City, I wrote a guide about the city and it is one of the best selling guides in Amazon so if you are planning to visit the city I'm the guy who you should ask.


Lived there for a while and I tried to discover every city and place I could.


The Mexico City Guide I wrote