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Andrea Anastasakis

Full-time travel blogger @
Aussie food and travel blogger exploring Europe by road. I love road trips!


Vacations & holidays

I write about travel with the holiday maker in mind.

Travel blogging / writing

I started my first travel blog in 2006 and have been a full-time blogger since 2010.

Expat life

I was an expat in Paris for 7 years.

Long-term travel

I've been travelling full-time in Europe for more than 2 years.

Food & drink

I like to eat and drink. A lot.

Western Europe

I lived in France for more than 7 years and travelled extensively around Western Europe.

Eastern Europe

I've spent time in all 3 Baltic States, Moldova and little known Transnistria.

Southern Europe

Travelling in the Balkans in one of my specialties.

Central Europe

I have visited every country in Central Europe and it's my favourite travel region in the world.


I've spent more than 6 months in Albania on multiple trips and have written an online travel guide to the country.


Mentions in the Romanian media for my Romania road trip blog post.

Best Original Story Award 2014 for my article on Lazarat, Albania

Mentioned by National Geographic for my piece on Bosnia & Herzegovina…