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Anita Dykstra

Travel blogger @ anitahendrieka.com
I run a travel blog full of advice and useful, practical tips for new and seasoned travellers.My aim is to inspire people to see the beautiful world we live in!


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I have travelled from New Zealand to the UK and in between destinations such as Japan, Indonesia, India, most of Europe and back again! I know how to survive that long flight and how to be on the road months at a time!

Female travel

As a female traveller who travels a lot by myself, I aim to empower women to not be scared of travelling by themselves. It's important to feel safe and not to feel restricted by fear.

Budget travel

I am the queen of budget travel. Many times I have only had $50 in my pocket and somehow I am still alive. I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve which I am willing to share with you!

Working overseas

I have lived and worked in Europe for 2 years so have experience with how to make a new place feel like home.

Solo travel

I do have a partner but I love to travel alone! It boosts confidence, happiness and empowerment!

Central Europe

I lived here for 2 years so i have a great knowledge of the UK and surrounding countries.

Australia/New Zealand

I am a Kiwi at heart which means I have lot of hidden spots off the tourist track. I can even teach you the lingo if you would like!


As of September: I have backpacked around India for 6 weeks as a solo female traveller and have loads of advice bursting at the seams!


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