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Anna Sonnenberg

Owner, Gluten-Free Jet Set
An urban traveler with a serious love for food—even with food allergies and restrictions. I've been around the world and back, all while staying gluten-free.


Food & drink

Nearly all of my travel is food-based, and I'm an expert at seeking out gluten-free food around the world. From sushi in Tokyo to pasta in Rome to cake in Vienna, I've been there, eaten that, all while gluten-free. I can advise on where to go, what to ask, and how to stay healthy.

East Asia

I've spent weeks in Japan, mostly in Tokyo and Kyoto. I'm familiar with navigating the train and subway systems and locating GF food in both well-known restaurants and tiny, hard to find spots.

Central Europe

I've spent weeks in Austria and Germany, in both large and small cities. I'm familiar with navigating public transit, especially when great food is on the other end!

North America

I've visited 42 states, after multiple cross-country road trips and countless flights. I know the east coast and midwest best, and I can find great gluten-free food anywhere.

Western Europe

I've spent weeks in France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. Very familiar with finding GF food in cities large and small.


Anna gave me some very useful tips and specific advice for travelling in Europe on a diet restriction. I feel equipped with the necessary information and am more aware of my options. Definitely the right person to talk to if you are doing gluten-free related research ahead of your travels.

Christine Leong • August 18, 2014
Anna answered my question in thorough detail and gave me very helpful advice on how to eat gluten free in Italy. Thank you so much for your informative response, Anna.

Chelsea Weaver • July 24, 2014