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Annika Bachmann

Dutch blogger and obsessed with Latin-America
My focus is on Latin-America and South of Europe. I love slow travel and really enjoying the place you visit to the fullest.



My favourite way to travel is slow. I like to really get to know the place I visit on all levels. And I like to show you how you can too.

Long-term travel

I moved to Spain for 6 months to live and work in Valencia. On my days of I traveled across Spain. Besides living in Spain I traveled through Central America for three months and afterwards went on another three month trip, but this time to South America.


It's where I live. I love to travel here when I don't get the chance to leave the country. I believe there is so much more to see than just Amsterdam, even thought Amsterdam is very interesting.

Southern Europe

Southern Europe is the place I go when I don't have too much time to travel. Southern Europe is perfect for citytrips and roadtrips. Italy; I visited Rome and went on a roadtrip through Calabria. Spain; I lived in Valencia for six month and visited many surounding cities, I did a Spanish course in Seville for 6 months and every weekend I would visit a village or city closeby. And I went on many holidays to Mallorca, Tenerife….. Besides Italy and Spain I also traveled to France and Greece.


Central America

I went on a three month trip to Central America. I started in Yucatan, Mexico, went along the coast of Belize, took the boat to Honduras and traveled up to Nicaragua where i spent four weeks. (Mexico and Nicaragua are my favourite countries!) In finished on the Corn Island and then traveled through Guatemala up tot Mexico where I went from Puerto Escondido back to Cancun.

South America

I went on a three month trip to South America. My plan was to stick to Argentina, but ended up visiting almost all the surounding countries like Chile, Boliva, Uruguay and Brazil. My favourite places on this trip were Buenos Aires, Mendoza and swimming with sealions in Argentina, the Salt Lakes in Bolivia, the coast of Uruguay and Florianopolis in Brazil.


Nomine of Travvies (best dutch travel blog)

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