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Ann Woodward

Marketer. Writer. Explorer.
I've been travelling full-time since October 2011, with no plans to stop!


Female travel

While I'm a strong proponent of women's rights and gender equality, the reality is females have unique concerns & considerations while on the road. I can share my tips from 2+ years of solo female travel.

Solo travel

Most of my travels have been solo. Solo travel doesn't mean that you're all alone! It's better buy a ticket & travel by yourself than to not go at all.

Long-term travel

Frustrated with trying to compress my travel plans into the typical American vacation time frame, I left NYC with a one-way ticket to Jordan in the Middle East in October 2011. I expected to be gone for maybe 6 months… but I'm still travelling! Now I'm a huge advocate for career breaks & slower, longer-term travel. Travel has completely transformed my outlook on life, and I want to help others understand how it's possible.

Middle East

Have visited Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and UAE. I'm twitching to return to explore this region more deeply. There's so much misunderstanding between the West (especially the US) and the Middle East. Media spin should not always be believed. Aside from incredible sights, the people define hospitality.


Backpacked through Colombia for 3 months in 2013. Living in Bogota as of August 2014.


Spent over 3 months travelling throughout the country in 2013 & 2014. Studied Spanish in Xela and at Lake Atitlan.


Volunteered for a women's empowerment NGO in Jodhpur for a month in 2012 and backpacked around the country for another 3 months.


Content Creator, www.EastVillageNomad.com