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Ashley Babin

Travel Blogger and Photographer for In Pursuit of Adventure
I am a history lover, foodie and avid traveler. I travel for culture and history and was a tour guide in Rome for 2yrs. Food, museums, and ruins are what I love


Food & drink

I travel in order to search out local cuisine and drinks. If you are interested in planning your trips around great cuisine, fun cocktails bars and local beverages than I can help you! After almost nine years of travel and living in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia I have found the tricks to searching out local restaurants and avoiding the tourist traps!

Long-term travel

Looking to travel long term in Europe, especially the Schengen countries, with only a 90 day tourist visa? Let me help you navigate the chaos of visa restrictions and plan a long term trip that allows you to maximize your time in Europe without running into visa issues. After almost 9 months of travel in Europe, both in and out of the Schengen countries, I have learned how to calculate the rolling 180 day visa and the best ways to travel long term in Europe


In May I spent two weeks exploring Iceland. We spent almost a week in Reykjavik and then another week traveling around the country. If you are looking for advice on what waterfalls to visit, questions about the Blue Lagoon, what to do in Reykjavik, where to find the "hidden" natural pool, and where to see puffins I would be more than happy to help you plan your trip!

North America

Looking to travel to California? I was born and raised in Northern California just outside San Francisco and have lived in Wine Country and Santa Barbara as well. I would love to introduce you to my favorite places to eat, drink and explore in these three regions. I also can help you plan an itinerary to maximize your time exploring California. Oh, and if you have any questions about visiting Disneyland, I go about once a year or more and have been going for my whole life!


After a month of eating and drinking my way through Barcelona, I know the city well! If you are looking for authentic tapas bar, Catalan cuisine, cava and absinthe then I can help. Whenever I visit a city I search out authentic experiences and want to pass those on to you.

Western Europe

I have been traveling throughout Western Europe for over 9yrs and have seen almost every major city. From weekend breaks to months of backpacking I have done it all. I can help you plan your trip to get the most out of whatever time you have. I love searching out authentic restaurants and little known sites. I also have a degree in Classical Archaeology so if you are interested in ruins, I can help!


I have lived and worked in Rome, Italy for two and a half years. While in Rome I worked as a tour guide and gave tours at almost all the major sites including the Coliseum, Forum and the Borgheses Gallery. Since I both lived and worked in Rome I have extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, restaurants, transportation, museums and sites of the city. I always love telling people my favorite hidden secrets of Rome and how they can make a trip to the eternal city a unique experience for them!