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Barbara Weibel

Owner/Editor of Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel
Traveling the world perpetually as a solo female for more than seven years – 50 countries visited and counting


Budget travel

I travel full-time and, with very few exceptions, am able to keep my accommodations cost under $25 USD per day. I'm happy to share many tricks and tips for traveling on a budget.

Long-term travel

I've been traveling for seven years, perpetually with no home base since late 2009

Solo travel

I am an accomplished solo female traveler and would love to help other women to feel comfortable enough to travel solo.


I am an accomplished photographer. See my Daily Photos on my blog at http://holeinthedonut.com/category/daily-photo/

Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I have visited 50+ countries and plan to keep on going


I spend a good deal of time in Nepal and will soon be publishing an ebook about the country. I will be happy to help with any questions you may have about what is one of my favorite places in the world, and have contacts for homestays with Nepali people.

Eastern Europe

For the past couple of years I have been investigating Eastern Europe and can help with routine questions about Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, and will continue to add others in the eastern European theater over the next couple of years.

Southeast Asia

I spend time in SE Asia every year, especially Thailand, and have intimate knowledge of the region. The only country have not yet visited in SE Asia is Myanmar (Burma), however I will be going there as well in December of 2014.


I have traveled extensively in Mexico as a solo female, by bus, train, shared rides, and boats, and would be delighted to assist anyone considering travels in this most interesting country.

Western Europe

I have quite good knowledge abut the UK, France, Spain, and Italy


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Great advice – thanks Barbara!

Linda Summers • May 23, 2015
response received within 48 hours as promised. Received good advise even though Barbara hasn't been to Burma herself yet but will travel there later this year. Thank you!

Susanne Brunsch • August 5, 2014
I cannot thank you enough for your quick response and help regarding your article on Stanley Papio. Best regards!

victoria rafanan • July 30, 2014