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Beth Williams

Travel Expert & Photographer at Travelsintranslation.com
Full-time travel blogger and freelance photographer specializing in East Asia. Travel Hong Kong like a local with me.


Travel blogging / writing

I've been blogging for the past three years and have been living solely off my blog's income for the past year. I get contacted daily with new opportunities thanks to my blog and social media influence. Want to do the same? I'll teach you how!

Female travel

I'm a female, I travel… Often alone (and yes, my husband is okay with that). Feel free to get in touch if you want to know great destinations for first-time solo female travelers and other female travel advice.

Language learning

After reaching business-level competency in Japanese, I've now switched my focus to learning Cantonese.

Couples travel

I've been with my husband for almost five years now and dragged him around the world for at least four of those! Want to learn how to not kill each other on the road or budget as a couple? I'll give you all the tips you need.

Teaching English

I spent six months teaching English to university students in Japan for fun, followed by teaching professionally in Hong Kong for two years as a career. I've completed my TEFL and can help you do the same.


After studying everything about Japan intensively for five years, I decided to move there and lived for a year in Osaka.

Hong Kong

I spent two years living in Hong Kong full-time and now I still spend half my time there when I'm not in Chicago. My husband is a local Hong Konger, so I've had plenty of experience getting first-hand insight to life in HK.

East Asia

My second degree is in East Asian Languages and Culture with a heavy focus on Japan and Hong Kong. I've lived in both of these countries and have plenty of great advice to share whether it's general travel tips or about expat life.


Featured on Buzzfeed

Columnist at The Epoch Times

Featured on Yahoo! Travel

Featured on National Geographic