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Brenda Tolentino

Travel & Food Writers and Founders of DishOurTown.com
We are a family of three traveling the world, one dish at a time. Andrew, Brenda and Bailey Tolentino (11 years). We're currently traveling South East Asia.


Family travel

We are a family of three. We prefer to always travel together. We love to immerse ourselves in the culture of a foreign country. Food plays a large role in our travels and is most often the vehicle used in our cultural exchange. We are not budget travelers; we are travelers who curate trips that are measured in true value. We exercise the discipline of getting the best quality for our dollar, which allows us to maximize any experience and time with each other. Site is: http://dishourtown.com

Food & drink

We consider eating and drinking as much of a requirement to getting the most out of a trip as most do sightseeing. Along with our travels and living in New York, we have logged in many eating and drinking hours and have found and documented some of the best places to eat, from the adventurous to the mainstream. Most importantly, because we are a family of three, highlighting the places and meals that all can enjoy. If you like to travel as a family of three, and like to eat, maybe we can help


We both have an affinity for Hemingway novels; so for many years our preferred destination was Spain. This country has so much heart and is very family oriented. Some of the towns we can help guide you through are: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and San Sebastian. Their architecture and food are unmatched.

United States

We are true New Yorkers. Our daughter was born and raised in this city. Both our families emigrated here when we were at a very young age. We know our city and we know it well. We can guide you in any category: from dining, lodging, sightseeing, shopping, etc. Let us know if the three of you are planning to visit; we'd love to help you.


We are currently travel and food bloggers, but we were both in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years. We worked mostly for Italian Luxury brands and were fortunate enough to frequent the country. The towns and regions we have expertise in are: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, some small Tuscan Towns; the Marche region, Modena, Bologna and the Cinque Terre. We have brought our daughter to all these places and there are so many things to see and taste as a family of three.


Few places in the world equal France when it comes to family time and experiences. The fashion, the art, the food and just the pure beauty speaks for itself. What spoke loudest was a the amount of things we were all able to enjoy together. Let us help the three of you navigate through: Paris, Arles, Antibes and Nice.


Regular contributor to Ytravelblog.com, covering family travel in S.E. Asia


Regular Contributor to HuffPost Lifestyle Travel Blogging Community.