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Bruno Andrade

Digital Geek & World Explorer
Digital Geek And Smart Traveller. Learn with me how to get more value for your money!


Budget travel

I don't like to spend unnecessary money and I can be happy with just a hammock and a book. That's why most of the times I travel within a budget. It forces me to be creative, immerse into the local experience and make the most out of my money.

Technology & travel

Yap. That's my area of expertise. I can't travel gadget-less and I always keep up with the latest digital trends. I have a ton of awesome travel apps and websites, just ask me!

Expat life

Been living in one of the most expat-friendly cities in the world: Barcelona!

Travel blogging / writing has been live since late 2014 and has been growing its traffic an average of 23% month. I ain't no expert, but I sure have learnt a lot about SEO, digital marketing, social media management and content marketing which can save you some time if you are just starting!


My home country. I have valuable tips and insider knowledge about not only mainland Portugal but also the islands (Azores & Madeira).

Western Europe

Europe is my territory and I have been to most of Western Europe, including France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Southern Europe

I've been to most of the countries in Southern Europe several times and have a vast experience about their culture, food and activities.


I'm based in Barcelona but I've been travelling all around the country. Unless you're looking to drink until you drop in Marbella or Benidorm, I can help you!


#135 most influential travel blogger online

Top 100 Travel Blogs of 2015 – Silver Medal