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Candice Jenkins

Thailand resident/therapist/writer/travel blogger/volunteer
Travelled solo & as a couple through 50+ countries in everything from shared dorms to 5 star resorts. Lived in London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong & Thailand


Luxury travel

I'm part of the Luxury and Boutique Hotels.com review team and I regularly stay in 5 star resorts and hotels and assess facilities and service and write reports for the website. To date I've reviewed properties in Thailand, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman and the UK.

Trekking & hiking

I've hiked in Europe, Africa, USA and Asia and try to make hiking a part of any trip when I can. I particularly love high altitude trekking and getting to the tops of mountains and have summitted some of Africa's highest peaks including Kilimanjaro and Kenya. I have hiked along the southern coast of Crete (Greece) as well as around the UK. I can advise you on choose a hiking destination/route and what to pack – and what to leave behind!

Working overseas

I've worked in six different countries and experienced the ups and downs of working with different cultures and different expectations, and the joys and the frustrations that this brings. I've done bar work, modelling, real estate, retail and office work during my travels as well as operated my own business as a hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner in Dubai and Thailand (where I now live). I can advise on working in challenging environments and just getting used to a different way of working.

Female travel

I have frequently travelled alone for pleasure and work in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. I believe solo female travel is empowering and liberating and not something to be afraid of. We all know the basic common sense tips but I can advise you about little tricks to make your trips safe, fun and adventurous at the same time.

Couples travel

When not travelling solo I travel with my long term partner. We've done everything from climbing mountains to long term backpacking trips to luxury getaways together. I'll tell how to make it work from how to keep from driving each other insane on a twenty hour bus journey to keeping the romance alive when you're covered in mud and haven't showered for a week (on mountains, not as standard!)


Iran is easily one of my favourite countries and has the most hospitable people I've ever met. I can guide you about getting the most out of your trip, staying safe and getting to know the locals in ways you rarely get the chance to in other countries.

Southeast Asia

I live in Thailand and have been visiting the region several times a year for the last 7 years, visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. I've camped, hiked, kayaked, slept on beaches, in flashpacker hostels, shared dorms, 5 star hotels and boutique hotels. I travel by train regularly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and have done the train journey from Singapore to KL several times. Soon to embark on a 2000km train trip from Chiang Mai to Singapore and can help you plan similar trips.

Middle East

I lived in the Middle East (Dubai) for five years and have travelled to Oman, Iran, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait. I explored widely in Oman and the UAE during my time there, staying in luxury hotels, camping/hiking in the mountains or sleeping under the stars on the beach. I've often travelled solo in the region and found that with a little awareness the Middle East does not have to be a scary place.

United Arab Emirates

Get the most out of your Dubai/UAE visit with my expert help. I lived there for 5 years and continue to visit regularly. I'm a Tripadvisor Dubai Destination Expert. I've stayed in many of the top hotels in Dubai and the other emirates and visited most of the tourist attractions and lesser known sights. I advise on stopovers and longer trips – safety, relaxation, culture, desert safaris, adventure, budget, beach, shopping and day trips to wonderful Oman.


Tripadvisor Destination Expert for Dubai


Oman Tourism featured my blog on their Facebook page

Dubaiification.com – a complete guide to Dubai: team member and writer


Luxury and Boutique Hotels – Member of the Review Team


Tourism Authority of Thailand Featured my Blog on their Facebook page


excellent answers. Complete and useful.

alireza bo • August 3, 2014