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Carlo Cretaro

Blogger at NextStopWhoKnows.com | Traveller | Digital guy
Living my dream of travelling the world and making money by working from the comfort of my laptop. I've traveled Europe, S.E Asia, East Africa and S. America.


Technology & travel

I'm a self confessed "gadget geek". I love my tech toys. I know a few tricks that can be useful on the road.

Couples travel

Myself and Florence have been travelling to various parts of the world since 2006. We've lived together in many places – some strange – some pretty cool. In all the time on the road we've learned a lot about the pro's and con's of travelling as a couple.


Ever since I first got into photography in 2007, I've been constantly learning how to take better photos and videos. I never leave without my camera these days.

Working overseas

I created three small online businesses over the past two years which allow me to have the freedom to work and travel where ever and when ever I like. Requirements: Laptop and Wifi's

Long-term travel

Over the past three year's myself and my girlfriend have traveled to various parts of the world for long stints. Last year alone saw us spend 10 months in S.E Asia.

East Africa

In 2009 I headed off to East Africa on an independent volunteer trip for 3 months. I worked in orphanages and schools in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The experience was tough, immense but eye opening.

Southeast Asia

From July 2013 to April 2014 w e lived and traveled in S.E Asia. We learned a lot about the different cultures in the different countries we traveled in .


Bought a bike in Hanoi and drove all the way down to Saigon over a 3 week period in 2013. Learned a lot about the country as well as how to drive a manual motorbike on dirt roads – crashed twice as well!


I spent 6 months living in Thailand in 2013. 3 months in Phuket and 3 months in Chiang Mai.


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