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Carol Fernandes

Freelance writer and founder of Kiki Around the World
Travelled over 60 countries and has experienced the world on a long-term trip of 2 years.


Couples travel

I spent 2 years sharing every second with my husband, 24 hours 7 days a week. We have never been more united after this experience. Traveling together is very different from traveling solo. I might help you.

Air travel

I'm a expert on RTW tickets, as I plan, buy and manage myself my own tickets. No one will be able to build a better RTW itinerary then you. Need advices to build on your own? I can help you.

Health & safety

During all my trips around the world I never had anything stolen or have been through any situation to put my life in danger. This is due to a behavior and tricks to avoid those issues while traveling. I can certainly help you on this matter.

Long-term travel

I traveled the world for 2 years, visiting 44 countries and 286 cities over 189.000 km. I'm a very good planner and my website focus mostly on helping people planning their own around the world trip. Any advice you might have on planning I can certainly help you.


I lived in Switzerland for 1 year and traveled a lot in the country and regions around.

Southern Europe

I have traveled a lot around Europe. My husband is French and I have friends all over the place.

Central Africa

I have crossed Central America overland visiting all countries.