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Christian Bjork

English Teacher and Constant Traveller
I've travelled to over 60 countries over the past 12 years, and I've lived and travelled extensively around South America, Europe, and Asia.


Teaching English

I've taught English for over 10 years in Peru, the Czech Republic, and South Korea, and have participated in different educational forums both in Peru and Europe.

Long-term travel

I've travelled on several different instances between 2 months and 5 months, around South America, Europe, and Asia.

Expat life

Being a Peruvian American citizen, I've lived between both countries since I was a child, as well as working as an English Teacher for long durations in Korea and the Czech Republic.

Budget travel

I definitely have experience on saving money by researching budget airlines, knowing where to find cheap lodging, saving money by cooking, among other tips.

Southeast Asia

My first experiences in long term, budget travel, were after living and working in South Korea and then taking ferries, trains, buses, and everything in between across China and every country in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar.

South America

I'm a native Peruvian and have travelled several times around the different regions of South America, having visited every country except the Guyanas.


Having been born here and lived here around half of my life, I've visited just about every corner in this amazingly diverse country where you can find everything from adventure sports to ancient historical sites, and everything in between. I'm extremely proud of my country and would love to share my expertise with others.