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Christine Kaaloa

Solo Female Travel Blogger, Travel Survivalist and YouTuber
I've been a solo traveler since 2008, taught ESL for a year in Korea & I help demystify travel so you can do it better. I also a film my solotravels via YouTube



Travel Video & YouTube If producing travel videos for your blog or YouTube is your interest, I can help. For the past two years I've been making videos for YouTube and I have 12 years in producing and shooting docu-reality TV. If you have brand concept you need to work out or just want to know technicalities of how to start on YouTube or gain followers and views, I can share the In's & Outs.

Teaching English

I've taught in Korea for a year at a public school, hagwon and summer camp. While Korea is growing fast, I definitely have tips and insight into the system. I also got a job an a prestigious Korean university teaching Video and Multimedia, but turned it down at the last minute, for role on the TV show Hawaii Five-O. Some passions, you just have to follow even when they don't make sense!

Solo travel

I've been a solo traveler for 7+ years and I occasionally make HowTo videos on it on YouTube. My first trip was a crash course in India and life served me enough crash courses until 'travel survival' became my term . I've experienced a range of situations, from normal to extreme when it comes to planning. I took a 7 month backpacking trip through Asia/Southeast Asia with only my first city planned. I've had to 'wing' my trips.

Indian Subcontinent

I've traveled alone to India and have always had positive experiences. I've traveled to both, north and south India. It can feel like a challenging country for some and for solo women, but it can also be an adventure and exciting.

South Korea

I've lived in South Korea for a year, teaching English and traveling every weekend. It's not always an easy country to travel with the language barrier, but it's starting to change to become a little more travel friendly. Let me help you with your questions.

Southeast Asia

I've spent four months backpacking Southeast Asia and still return to explore more of it. It's backpack-friendly, diverse, laidback and the perfect place for the budget traveler who doesn't want to feel like they're on a budget.


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Speaker, Worldette End of Summer Party online speaker

Contributing Writer, Daegu Compass Magazine