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Christine Maguire

Freelance journalist, travel blogger, photographer
Travel fanatic, specialising in backpacking on a budget, Asia and being an expat in Australia and New Zealand.


Couples travel

I have travelled both in a couple and as a single traveller, so I have plenty of tips and comparisons with both ways of travelling.

Expat life

I have lived an expat life in New Zealand, Australia and Ibiza.

Budget travel

I spent over three years travelling around South-East Asia, New Zealand and Australia on a small budget. I have just returned from a trip to Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and India where I had a very small budget to work with.

Western Europe

I have travelled extensively around Europe as a child. I have travelled around Europe by train and have lived in Ibiza. I have taken a number of short trips there, as well as longer holidays and a few festival trips too.

Southeast Asia

I love Southeast Asia and have planned two long trips with a tight budget. I have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indian Subcontinent

India is my favourite country and I absolutely love it there. I have travelled around the north, Goa and Mumbai. I can't wait to go back there and am already planning my next trip. As I am slightly obsessed with the place, so I would love to help anyone who is thinking of going there.

North America

I have travelled in America from a young age. I have travelled around Boston, New York, Nevada and extensively in California.

Australia/New Zealand

I have spent a year living, working and travelling around New Zealand. I have spent over a year and a half living and working in Australia. During that time I applied for a de-facto visa and my partner applied for his 457 visa, so I know all about the many forms and hoops you have to jump through in order to get these things sorted!