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Claudia Tavani

Travel Expert & Blogger, MyAdventuresAcrosstheWorld.com
I quit my job to travel the world and follow my dreams and now I want to help you achieve your travel goals as well!


Long-term travel

I have travelled all over Latin America, for long periods of time. I started with short term trip, then they started becoming longer and longer, until I eventually decided that I did not want to go back to my old life and I wanted to make a living out of my passion.

Adventure activities

I have tried it (almost) all: rafting in Argentina and Colombia, mountain biking in Colombia and Bolivia (including the infamous Death Road), zip lining, sand boarding, hiking, sailing, jumping off cliffs. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I am living a great adventure.

Budget travel

I thought I either win the lottery or I learn how to travel on a budget. You can guess I did not win the lottery. I always have to budget whatever I do, plan carefully so that the little money I have can take me a longer way. It has worked out so far, and in fact I enjoy it!

Solo travel

That is the best thing I could do. Before I started travelling solo I faced many fears: will I be able to sit alone during meals? I won't have anybody to talk to! It is quite the opposite, in fact. I have met many amazing people, and I have also enjoyed those precious moments by myself.

Organized tours

I have worked as a tour leader, so I know how organised tours work, and how much work there is behind a tour that runs smoothly. It is a really tough job.


From Antigua to Lake Atitlan, from Semuc Champey to Tikal and Yaxa, Guatemala is a beautiful countries where travellers can live all sorts of experiences and adventures. I have been there 3 times, I am in love with the people and the culture and I will be glad to share tips about it!


Argentina is an incredible country. Landscapes vary dramatically: Andes, tropical regions, glaciars, desert, gorgeous cities – Argentina has it all. The country is easy to travel through, but so huge that one really has to know where to go!


I have travelled widely to Peru, to both the most famous places as well as to some off the beaten path ones. I am completely in love with the country and with its people. I have a friend who runs a really good local agency that can help me provide advice as well as services to anybody who wants to visit it.


I have been to Nicaragua 3 times and I never tire of it. To me, it is the most incredible country in Central America. The land of lakes and volcanoes has so much to explore. I have some great contacts with local agencies and guides too.


Ah, Cuba! I have to love it. It took me a while to actually realise that, as the first time I visited I really thought I would never go back. In the end, it inspired me to start my blog, and ultimately to change my life for the best.


Claudia is wonderful to work with. Her knowledge of Cuba (my next trip) is extensive and she provided me with multiple cycling/hiking/sightseeing options based on whether I decide to do 2 or 4 weeks. Her knowledge of the Cuban culture, geography and the practicalities of getting around by bike is invaluable to me in crafting an itinerary. Claudia is warm, friendly and exactly the type of experienced traveler with whom one wants to work. I learned more in a one hour session with Claudia than I could have researched over weeks. I expect I will have further sessions with Claudia when I pull together a draft itinerary. Claudia deserves a 5 star rating and my personal recommendation.

Alan Daly • February 6, 2016