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Clelia Mattana

Sardinia/Italy Expert. Owner at Keep Calm and
Italian Globetrotter, I left home at age 19 and enjoyed all types of travels: from short breaks to budget, luxury holidays and expat life: I tried it all!


Travel blogging / writing

In march 2014 I decided to monetize it with affiliates. After only 3 months my earnings exceeded my previous job at Burberry (around 3000$ per month). I wrote a post on the topic( and since then I receive daily emails on how to earn with affiliates.The good news is that YOU DON'T NEED A MASSIVE TRAFFIC: just some good customized tips, and I can give you SPECIFIC, TAILORED advice for your blog!


AU PAIR experience: When I first arrived in the UK, I searched for an Au Pair job and had an amazing time. I did a lot of research to find the right family. I can help you by giving you great tips on trusted sources, websites, how to find the right family for you and support you on anything related to the Au Pair experience and what to expect out of it. Average salary and hours, free English language courses, extra jobs etc. Plus I can give you tips based on my experience as an expat in the UK!

Budget travel

I was able to live in Rome for less than 800 euros per month (all this including my car expenses) I traveled in South East Asia for almost 2 years at 30$ per day and I know many tricks to help you saving money whilst on the road and still fully enjoy your holiday/trip!

Working overseas

I worked for 6 years in the UK (I can give you practical advice on what to do if you want to move to the UK). I also worked for 6 months in Thailand as a English and ballet teacher, so if you want some precious advice on how to deal with job search in both countries, I have all it takes to help you out!

Long-term travel

I quit my job at age 35 to travel the world indefinitely. I was able to save 16.000$ in 5 months and I'm on the road since 2012. If you need tips on how to deal with scams, packing, teaching abroad, planning and specific advice on anything related to long term travel (including emotional support) I'm the right person for you! Deciding to travel, especially when you are not a teenager anymore, is a difficult, brave choice. I've been there myself and I know how you feel and how to help you!

Western Europe

I lived in England for 6 years and I have a good knowledge of the country both as a tourist and an expat.


Well…I'm Italian! and I love my country. Before leaving for my long term trip I visited so many places and I lived in Rome for 3 years and Turin for 7 years. If you need off the beaten path tips, no one knows better than me. I come from Sardinia and I am considered a real expert (I receive an average of 10 emails per day from people asking for advice ) You can see my level of expertise in one of the articles on my website where I reply in detail to more than 200 requests,


I've been traveling the Philippines for 4 months and I visited many places, some of them off the beaten track, living among the locals for more than 1 month. I also have contacts with trusted local tour operators who can give you additional advice if needed for any type of travel within the Philippines. I took part of a tour to promote one of the less known provinces together with other Filipino bloggers who gave me precious tips on the country and I'll be happy to share them with you! 🙂


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Weekly Travel Columnist – expert for Cosmopolitan (Italian edition)…


I contacted Clelia because I want to try the Au Pair experience in the UK for a few months before looking for a specialized job in London. I couldn't have chosen my advisor any better.

She gave me so many useful info, tips and advice based on her personal experience. I highly recommend Clelia, besides being a very friendly and nice girl (I felt like I was talking with an old friend) she definitely knows what she's talking about: London Boroughs, the countryside, pros and cons of living in London, personal anecdotes: she answered to all of my doubts and questions in great detail.

If you need info on the UK, she's definitely your girl!
I checked out her website and I'm now tempted to open another call about Sardinia for my next summer holidays.

Thanks for your help Clelia!

Elana Matthews • September 24, 2014