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Dani Heinrich

Travel Blogger & Photographer
Nomadic since 2010. Writing about independent travel to inform & inspire others to travel! I am a digital nomad, street food junkie, globetrotter and sun chaser



I always loved photography, but only bought my first dSLR camera in 2008. I took two photography classes and am now able to share my knowledge about travel and people photography, image composition and post-processing with others. You can take a look at some of my images here: https://www.facebook.com/GlobetrottergirlsFanpage/photos_stream

Long-term travel

I started traveling full-time in April 2010 and haven't stopped since. My longest stay since then has been a 4-month stint in NYC in 2014. I'd be happy to talk you through getting started as a long-term traveler, the organizational aspects, how to fund it, how to find the best deals on cheap apartments and transportation, and other travel-related questions.

Travel blogging / writing

I worked as a recruiter in the financial services industry before I started traveling full-time and had no prior experience in blogging whatsoever (I did take some linguistics classes at uni fifteen years ago). Now, I am being invited by tourism boards around the world to write about their destination, or partner up with reputable travel brands to produce content for them – all in my second language. I also landed some freelance travel writing gigs and would be happy to share how I got here.

Couples travel

For the first four years, I traveled with my (then) girlfriend Jessica, the co-founder of globetrottergirls.com. Together we co-authored two chapters for The Art Of Couples' Travel: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Couples-Travel-long-term-together-ebook/dp/B0058VAG00 I can tell you how not to kill your partner when traveling together and spending 24/7 together, the pros and cons of running a business with your partner, how to ensure you'll have a successful long-term travel experience as a couple.

Female travel

Even though I traveled most of the time as one half of a couple, I did some solo travel in between and am now traveling by myself. I am not afraid to travel to destinations that might be seen risky or even dangerous by others and would love to share with you how I overcame my fear of scary-sounding places like India, Bolivia or Guatemala, which safety precautions I take, how I manage to meet new people and how I choose my travel destinations.

North America

I spent well over two years out of the past five years in North America – mostly traveling in the U.S., but also about 3 months in Canada and more than six months in Mexico. I can advise you on road tripping in the U.S., housesitting in all of North America, and how to travel around all three countries on a tight budget.

South America

I traveled through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru for over twelve months. I know which places in those countries are worth visiting, how to make the most of your travel experience in South America and how to stay safe.

Central America

I spent a total of over nine months traveling through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Belize and Honduras. I can help out with itinerary planning, safety questions, hostel and hotel recommendations, tips on which guide book(s) to use and which not, how to get around and how to cross borders overland. I can also advise on where I think the best places to volunteer or to learn Spanish are.


I grew up in Germany, and having been a travel addict my entire life, I traveled a lot within Germany while I still lived there. I can put together the perfect Germany travel itinerary for you, or give you advice if you plan to move to Germany. As for cities, I know Berlin the best and can give you tons of insider tips for your visit to Germany's capital. I also can advise you on car rentals, getting around, couchsurfing and hitchhiking / car sharing.

Western Europe

I grew up in Germany and lived in the UK for four years – during that time, I took six to eight trips per year in Western European countries. I am particularly familiar with the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Housesitting Expert: BR3 Radio, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Self-Published Author: Break Free – The Ultimate Guide To Housesitting