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Dave Cole

Travel Blogger & Photographer at Cook Sip Go
When I travel I dig deeper to connect with the destination – my research skills allow me to seek out the best in culture, food and drink.


Expat life

I have been an expat multiple times in Europe and in Africa. Having braved a range of new situations, I know the ins and outs of what to do before one leaves and how to handle the new life in the foreign country,

Food & drink

I am someone whose travels usually revolve around the local cuisine. In order to truly know a place, I firmly believe that one must eat its food and sample the traditional drinks. Prior to any trip, I thoroughly research the local mainstay dishes and their ingredients. I also attempt to make the dishes myself in order to have an appreciation of the process of creating a meal in the destination.


I lived and worked in Portugal for a year and explored many parts of the country since I first set foot on Portuguese soil at the age of 20. My year was spent in Lisbon, a city about which I gained intimate knowledge. My free time in Lisbon was filled with urban activities, as well as fun day trips on a budget.


After visiting Kenya multiple times over the course of my stay in Ethiopia, I relocated to Nairobi and am currently based in Kenya. I have gone on multiple safaris and greatly enjoy game drives and the outdoors options that Kenya provides.


Spain is the country where I fell in love with travel and I return there whenever possible. I have spent extended stays in Barcelona and Valencia, speak fluent Spanish and have a strong knowledge of the regional cuisines. I have traveled the country extensively over the years and keep abreast of travel and culinary developments in the country through various forms of media.

East Africa

I have spent over a year living and traveling in East Africa.


I spent one year in Ethiopia and have seen some fantastic parts of the country. I am happy to educate on its culture, cuisine and travel must-sees.