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David Bjorgen

Travel writer and founder of Zigzag Around the World
Global citizen along with my wife, Zena. We love travel, culture, photography, & each other. We currently travel the world while maintaining roots in the US.


Couples travel

Zena and I love to travel together. Traveling as a couple has its unique challenges, but there's nothing like sharing memorable experiences with the one you love.

Travel gear / packing

We are carry-on only travelers and have created a packing list that includes the essentials for any situation. We frequently review travel gear and accessories on our website, zigzagging.net. We can help you with your packing questions.

Technology & travel

Both of our jobs are heavily dependent on technology. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and web developer, while Zena is an online teacher. Our jobs require us to have the latest and most versatile gear. Let us help you determine the technology to fit your needs and your budget.


When we travel, photos are our most important souvenirs. As an accomplished travel and commercial photographer, I can help you with your photography and editing-related questions. You can check out my work on Flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/cybjorg/) or 500px (500px.com/Cybjorg).

Middle East

For my wife and her family, the Middle East region is home sweet home. We have family in Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Additionally we've traveled throughout Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Our knowledge of locations, language, and culture can help you discover the best of this exotic region.

North Africa

My wife and I have traveled throughout the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt.


I met my wife, who is Jordanian, while living in Jordan for several years. We have extensive knowledge of the culture, language, customs, and landscapes of the desert kingdom.

Central Europe

Our travels have cut a swath through Central Europe, with experiences in England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, and Turkey.