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David Lee

Travel Writer and Founder of GoBackpacking.com
Traveled to 50+ countries across 6 continents, blogging and making money online along the way. Specialize in long term budget travel and Latin America.


Expat life

I've spent two and a half years living in Medellin, Colombia and six months living in Lima, Peru.

Solo travel

Solo travel can be incredibly liberating. I enjoy helping others overcome their fears about going it alone, because the rewards can be so incredibly amazing.

Long-term travel

I spent 14 months traveling around the world from 2007-2009. I also spent a year traveling around South America alone.

Budget travel

My preferred method of travel has always been backpacking on a budget, staying in hostels, etc.

Travel blogging / writing

I've had an online presence at GoBackpacking.com since 1999, and I've been blogging regularly there since 2007. I can speak to all aspects of travel blogging, as well as self-publishing ebooks.


Nepal remains one of my favorite countries after I spent six weeks there during my trip around the world.


I spent 7 months in Peru from 2011-2012, including six months living in Lima. I've seen the north, from Chachapoyas, Trujillo and Huaraz to the more common sites in the south like Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Tambopata Reserve in the Amazon.

Central America

As of 2014, I've now visited every country in Central America.

South America

I've experienced much of South America, including Colombia, Ecaudor and the Galapagos, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Patagonia and Uruguay.


I've been based in Medellin, Colombia since 2009 and have traveled all around the country too.


Co-Founder, Travel Blog Success


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