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David McGurk

Unemployed musician
30 Years in Wellington, NZ > Sold everything > Quit job > One way ticket to South East Asia > ????


Budget travel

Basically I am very, very frugal. I once read a book called 'How to Travel the World on $50 a Day" – Rubbish! I can do it much cheaper.

Couples travel

I am traveling with my lovely partner, Caroline, who is the Malaysian expert and will answer those questions.

Food & drink

Oh yeah. I know how and where and what.

Career break

Well, I've completely broken my career to travel. So I guess that makes me an expert.

Trekking & hiking

Mostly in Malaysia, and Caroline has done a bit more than me – so she will answer these questions.

Australia/New Zealand

Lived for 30 years in Wellington


I've been here a few times, and Caroline was born here and lived here for 20 years.