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Derek Baron

Founder & Writer at WanderingEarl.com
For the past 14 years I've lived, worked and traveled around the world while creating a successful travel blog and tour business in the process.


Travel blogging / writing

For four years I've had a successful travel blog that is consistently recognized as one of the most popular travel blogs on the internet, and I've been offering blog consulting for the past two years, helping many other bloggers achieve their blogging goals.

Long-term travel

It's been 14 years since I originally left the US to travel the world. At the time, I planned to travel for 3 months but, that journey has yet to come to an end. I've figured out how to travel on a budget and earn money overseas, while proving that a life of travel (or long-term travel) does not have to be a crazy fantasy. It can be a realistic lifestyle option instead.

Solo travel

Most of my travels have been on my own and as a result, I know exactly how to overcome the fear of traveling solo and how to enjoy the most rewarding travel experiences possible as well. It may seem daunting to travel on your own, but once I help you gain the confidence, you'll be thankful that you took off to travel by yourself.

Working overseas

Whether teaching English, finding odd jobs, working on cruise ships, working online or more, I've managed to find opportunities to earn an income while traveling all over the world. With this knowledge, I can help you find an income source that matches your skills, interests and travel goals.

Indian Subcontinent

Having spent over two years in total in India (I've visited twelve times), I know everything there is to know about traveling to this country. I'm often recognized as an India expert by other travelers and bloggers and can offer the most detailed assistance for any trip to any part of India. I am also familiar with travel to Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Eastern Europe

Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine – I've explored them all thoroughly over the past two years and have made the decision to use Bucharest as my 'home base' since 2011. From transportation to sights and activities to visa rules to off-the-beaten path destinations and everything in between, I know this region of the world extremely well.


I've traveled all over this country and have lived on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Mexico as well. It is one of my favorite countries on the planet and I truly love helping others discover the rewards of visiting this diverse land, whether they are interested in the main highlights, the hidden gems, a relaxing vacation, a cultural experience and on and on.

Australia/New Zealand

Having lived in Melbourne for six months on two different occasions and having traveled to every state and territory in the country (both as a solo traveler and with local friends), I'm confident in my ability to assist with any questions about traveling and/or living and working in Australia.


50+ Interviews for a variety of publications

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Time Magazine Best Blog


New York Times Mention


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This is great! Thanks so much for the detailed responses. It confirms some things that I suspected and answered questions I didn't even know I had. I'm sure I'll be back in touch again!

Jean Zelt • February 26, 2016
Thank you Derek! Very helpful information!

Taylor Wagner • January 16, 2016
Derek was great, he knows a lot about Playa del Carmen. He made a custom map for me. He is very clear when he speaks and knows some details that might be helpful.

Oscar Guindzberg • November 23, 2015
Thank you Derek! I feel much better about having sent you these questions. And thank you so much for a quick response. PS I live and work currently in the SF Bay Area. 🙂

Tammie Paek • October 11, 2015
Wonderful. I received very valuable advice that was exactly what I needed. I'm sure it saved me countless hours of having to learn things by trial-and-error. Thanks!

Matthew Jaynes • September 26, 2015
I asked Derek for advice as I'm working on a few new projects for my website and his recommendations were excellent, but most importantly based on his own experience, including some actionable tasks necessary to reach my goals. He helped me in finding the right direction to follow with my new plans. I Highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to take his/her blog to the next level. His advice is always very clear, straight to the point, concrete and honest.

Clelia Mattana • July 6, 2015
My session with Derek Baron was great. After the session, I felt very motivated to get started on my project right away. During my session he helped me come up with very simple, easy to accomplish tasks to get started whereas before the session I felt o overwhelmed and unsure of how to begin. In my opinion, Derek Baron is an excellent travel constant.

Jennifer Gh • July 2, 2015
I looked for Derek's help to see through the thick fog that is my blog at the moment, and he helped with some great insights and recommendations, taking his time to go over my questions with me, help me clear some of my biggest doubts and encourage me. I will ask him more questions in the future!

Claudia Tavani • July 2, 2015
I had questions pertaining to obtaining a job on a cruise ship. Derek was super quick to respond to all of my questions, and he had lots of great information! The conversation was definitely money well invested!

Shannon Bell • June 22, 2015
Thanks, really neat suggestions for smaller towns 🙂

Tom Elliott • May 25, 2015
Derek answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. He made suggestions that I feel are safe and in my best interest.

Dan Burnette • May 18, 2015
It was all I could have asked for, a big help. I need to consolidate the info I got from the call and then go forward. Derek, thanks; it’s something of a “gift” you have and a service you are providing, plus you’re having fun. All the best, Mark

Mark McMillion • May 17, 2015
Thanks Derek! I'll definitely be returning with more questions in the future

Conner Hogan • May 10, 2015
I asked Derek for advice regarding my upcoming trip to Romania, his response was far more extensive and detailed than I had expected, and his suggestions offered a level of insight I feel would be lacking in a standard guidebook on the area. My trip is now looking a lot more structured and exciting as a result of his help.

If you have an upcoming trip to an area on which he is familiar, I strongly recommend you use his assistance.

George Harvey • May 4, 2015
100% Helpful! I had all my questions answered and on time. Very good service

Tiago Higgs • March 23, 2015
I absolutely recommend Earl for any travel questions. The 18$ was very much worth it. The answers are long, detailed and well written. They were very useful for my trip planning. I love how Earl went above and beyond, and made sure I got every angle of the answers. Plansify website is user-friendly and well designed. Simple in a good way (as in not confusing).

corinne susini • March 19, 2015
I was extremely happy with the responses from Derek. I asked him both general and specific questions and he gave responses that gave me the information I was looking for. I was very, very helpful. The one piece of advice I would give is to use your profile and the "relevant info" section of the question submit form to give as much relevant information about yourself as possible. I spent about 45 minutes writing my "relevant info" section of several paragraphs before submitting my questions to Derek. I think that was key. He was then able to really understand the context of the questions I was asking. He then did a really good job of providing answers that were very, very helpful to my specific concerns. Some of it was general but some of it pretty detailed. I thought the money was well spent and would use Derek as a resource again.

James Klein • January 25, 2015
Derek is very helpful,confident, and knowledgeable. Heck, he has fifteen years of a nomadic lifestyle under his belt! 100% worth the money. Thank you!

Christian Rojas-Bartlett • January 12, 2015
If you are having ANY doubts at all about traveling, Earl is THE GUY to go to for absolutely any questions at all! His expertise, experience and vast knowledge is absolutely golden. Just told him of a situation I was having and with a reply he totally removed all my worries and actually even made me more confident in my choices! Earl, thanks so much man. I would love to meet you somewhere and treat you to a beer or ten. hahahaha!

Jalil Kasim • November 5, 2014
Derek was full of valuable information to all my questions on my upcoming travel. He didn't just answer the questions but gave plenty of good details and helpful hints. I strongly recommend him! I'll probably keep communicating with him to assist me with my plans!!

Styron John • October 21, 2014
Super helpful information from Derek/Earl about travel in the Yucatan. Highly recommend him.

Missy Hellendale • July 25, 2014