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Derek Joseph Kern

Guitar Technician to artists who travel the world
Seeing the world, one day off at a time.


LGBT travel

Meeting likeminded people on your travels makes for better experiences!

Food & drink

Will seek out great food & good beer when in new cities. I have an ongoing list of these places!

Travel gear / packing

I would consider myself a packing expert, as I usually wait until an hour or so before I leave to pack everything up. This helps assure that you won't overpack. Also, packing cubes are a game-changer.

Technology & travel

Technology makes the long flights tolerable, and the screaming children less annoying.

Health & safety

Expertise in battling jetlag, stretching on long flights, and eating healthy on the road.

Western Europe

Some of my favorites places in the world are in Western Europe.


One of my favorite countries, where being out of your comfort zone is so much fun.

North America

Have traveled N.America extensively over the past 20 years.

Northern Europe

Might just be the most beautiful & peaceful place on earth.

Australia/New Zealand

Definitely in my top 5 favorite countries. Just love the vibe, the people, the food, the scenery, everything!