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Derek Murphy

Book publisher with wanderlust and a PhD in Literature
I've lived in S. America, Europe and Asia for decades (and I'm still in my thirties!). I write books, help other authors publish, and explore the world.


Travel blogging / writing

Although I'm not a 'travel blogger' – I travel all the time and my blog gets a lot of traffic. I also have a bunch of profitable online businesses. Oh yeah, and I publish several books a year.

Expat life

I've lived in Argentina, Malta and Taiwan. I know quite a bit about life abroad, finding work, meeting people (and dating), and learning languages.

Long-term travel

Last year we spent 2 months in Mexico and 2 months traveling through Italy, Greece and Turkey… in addition to about a dozen smaller trips. Want to learn how to make money on the road or save costs on long term stays?

Language learning

I can speak Spanish and Chinese pretty well; I've studied in lots of different environments and also taught English for several years. I can help you learn a language quickly.


Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia




Scholarship Winner (For full time study abroad)