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Diana Edelman

Travel writing, travel blogger
Currently raising awareness about elephant tourism, but also experienced solo traveler in Europe and expat in Thailand


Solo travel

Why wait for your friends or partner to travel with you? Solo travel can be an incredible experience! I know it can seem daunting and there are a lot of questions and concerns, solo travel not only opens a person up to new experiences, but can provide someone with moments they never thought possible. I'm here to answer the questions about solo travel, from the best place to start a solo journey to things to keep in mind.

Long-term travel

Bravery is all in your mind. At 30, I quit my job and headed out to Europe and parts of Africa for some solo female travel for the better part of a year. People either told me I was nuts or brave. I didn't think I was either. Let me help you figure out the best places to go on your long term travels, how to budget for your trip, making travel arrangements and more.

Travel blogging / writing

Blogging for more than six years, speaker for TBEX and regularly ranked as one of top 100 travel blogs in the world. Want to start a blog? Or, want to learn more about how to run a blog, engage your readers and tell stories that matter? I can help get you on the right path.

Female travel

I'm a female. I travel. Most of the time, I travel solo. Have questions about traveling as a women around the world? Let me guide you. I've been to conservative countries, been chased by the mob, met amazing people, and learned a lot about just how kick ass us women can be when were on the road. As someone who has battled with depression my entire life, I can also address the challenges of being depressed on the road, anxiety and other things which may come up which can make traveling harder.

Expat life

Lived as an expat and worked for more than three years. From choosing a location to finding a place to live, to securing that all-important visa, I can help people determine whether or not expat life is the right thing for them, as well as provide guidance for becoming an expat, adjusting to the culture, meeting people and more.

United States

Born and raised in the DC area, the bulk of my adult life (before I started traveling) was spent in Vegas. I can help with planning trips to the major cities in the States, plus provide in-depth information on visiting Las Vegas.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has so many advantages to its western neighbors! I've spent a lot of time in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro and can assist with trip planning to this part of the world. Currently, I reside in Madrid and can provide some tips for off-the-beaten path locations there.

Western Europe

For as small as the region is, Western Europe has A LOT to offer. I've explored the area heavily (minus France) and can assist with trip planning to this part of the world. Currently, I reside in Madrid and can provide some tips for off-the-beaten path locations there.


I lived as an expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand for almost three years. During that time, I also traveled around Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and did a brief stint in Bali. If you want help planning a trip to Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand, as well as exploring the rest of the country, I can help with everything from suggesting tours to take, lodging recommendations, must-eat foods, proper behavior and more.


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