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Dustin Main

Travel expert & photographer specializing in Myanmar / Burma
Adventure traveler extraordinaire, with 5 years of travel experience on all 7 continents.


Technology & travel

Two of my favorite things. I'm the co-founder of "Too Many Adapters," the web's best resource for technology for travelers. I'm constantly reviewing new gear and have been featured on Google Travel as well as numerous radio shows and podcasts.

Long-term travel

I've traveled around the world full time since 2009, visiting all 7 continents, and living on four. I've dealt with all of the challenges, including normal hurdles such as visas, banking and the ones you might not think about, like relationships and communication.

Adventure activities

If we were to give ourselves middle names, mine would be adventure. From high-altitude trekking, to rock climbing, to driving a motorcycle through the mountains of Northern Thailand… it's what I crave.


Since 2011, I've visited Myanmar / Burma 10 times. I've been working on a documentary photography project there for the past three years, visiting the main sites, and the not-so-main sites. The country is rapidly changing, and the information in books is quickly out of date. I've got man-on-the-ground information and can help you plan the best trip to this incredible country. Honestly, you should go to Myanmar.

Australia/New Zealand

I've spent 5 months in New Zealand since 2009, hiking several of the great walks along the way. This has taken me to all corners of the country, and some twice. I know the best places to avoid the crowds on the trails, and the coolest accommodation to be found. I've also written quite a bit about technology in the country.