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Dylan Lowe

Travel & Food Writer, Photographer, Blogger, Storyteller
Began as travel editor in student journalism. Went freelance and become travel and food writer. Obsessed with gastronomy. Sounds British – Scottish on request.



Well, I do have other "mad skillz" up my sleeves than the number of options Plansify would let me have! Other things I can advise on: photography & photo editing (Adobe Lightroom); social media outreach, including hosting Twitter chats; networking; travel blogging community and travel industry liaison; design, specifically web and print-form with Adobe InDesign; rock identification by trained geologist; choosing waistcoats; how to do a Scottish accent.

Adventure activities

I'm an avid hitchhiker with over ten countries and 10,000 kilometres under my belt – my proudest achievement is still successfully hitchhiking across the whole length of Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax! I have much expertise in hitchhiking to offer, including best practices, safety, tricks and knacks to get you moving. Hitchhiking-aside, I love getting the adrenaline dose; bungy jumping – once backwards – skydiving, scuba diving, kayaking are only some of the activities that gives me a kick.

Travel blogging / writing

Some people adore my writing. Some wish I was never born – lest my words tarnish their eyes and deafen their souls. Notoriously flowery. Sensory. Microcosmic. Self-ridiculing. Heard all sorts. But how I write is who I am, so no shame in that – and I've been doing so for the past four years, running my canvas of literature, The Travelling Editor. Since it started, I've partnered with and written for numerous tourism organisations – most recently, The Philippines for Expedia UK. Lend me your ears!

Food & drink

Food: my lifelong passion. I've scoured the world on quests to find the perfect dishes, analysing their flavours and textures with my palate – all the while savouring them. I have the well-rehearsed know-how to track down food spots and delectable delicacies, be it power of social media or word-of-mouth. While not travelling, I'm a fervent home cook and recipe developer specialising in usage of spices, science of cooking and slow cooking. Currently developing a recipe series for my food blog.

Health & safety

Diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome last year, my condition afflicts a range of bodily function issues, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue, joint aches, heartburn, short-sightedness and intermittent depression. I've researched extensively on each of the above symptoms, and can offer guidance on coping with these problems while travelling. I may also advise you on building confidence, a struggle I've myself undergone.

Western Europe

Ever a cheap-ish flight away, the European continent is where I mostly visit. My partnerships with destination tourism boards are mostly with European countries, regions and cities – thus granting me with tremendous insights on many places. I'm most familiar with: Italy (particularly Puglia region), Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Bulgaria and Scotland.

New Zealand

Where my parents are based for the last eight years, I frequent my family home in Auckland as much as I explore the rest of the Pacific country. My passion in travel began on a backpacking trip on the North Island of New Zealand.


I've lived in London for the past six years – even with the allure of other world cities, I've yet to be enticed to leave my beloved city, playground and base of operation whenever I'm not travelling on assignment.

Hong Kong

My birthplace and residence for the first 14 years of my life; I still regularly visit Hong Kong to see family members.


Responsible Tourism Twitter Chat (#RTTC) – Co-founder


The Travelling Editor – Founder, Writer, Editor, Chief-mischief


Guardian Student Media Awards: Digital Journo of the Year 2011 – Nominee


Guardian Student Media Awards: Travel Writer of the Year 2009 – Nominee


Cathay Pacific Revealing China Photo Competition – Shortlisted


World Travel Market 2011 – Speaker