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Elena Prokopets

Expat in France, Travel blogger at elenastravelgram.com
I'm a twenty-something girl from Ukraine who knows how to travel the world cheap and get visas anywhere!


Budget travel

– Scoring dirty cheap flights, booking ninja and managing to avoid all the fees added my travel websites. – Planned a 3 week trip around Spain with total cost of 300 eu per person,

Expat life

Been living in Besancon, France with short breaks for a year and still staying here for the next two.

Language learning

A native Russian and Ukrainian speaker. Can answer all your questions related to these languages.

Visas & immigration

Can provide various recommendations about how to get long-term Schengen visa for non-Eu passport holders. Give tips and advice which country visa to get. Provide recommendations on becoming an expat in France


I moved here a year ago and live in Besancon, Western France. I travel a lot around the country and plan you an awesome itinerary with both popular and off the beaten track places included.

Indian Subcontinent

Eastern Europe

Ukraine is my home country. Traveled a lot around Russia, Poland, Czech Republic

Southeast Asia


Western Europe

Can help you plan a super cheap trip around any EU country with my personal recommendations included.