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Elizabeth Aceves

Real Estate Agent in Playa del Carmen
I've been living in Playa del Carmen for over 4 years now. I know the right places, the best tours, the best local restaurants… =)


Budget travel

Low budget accommodation, low budget restaurants, low budget day trips. Low budget but still amazing memories.

Adventure activities

Day trips with or without a rental car… Im the right person to ask. I can tell you where the best cenotes are, the best pyramids in the area, where you can stop and relax. Low budget, high budget, it doesnt matter.

Vacations & holidays

I am a rental agent, so I can give you some tips of when it's best to come, when it's high-season, low-season, how long in advance you should book based on your dates, etc.

Female travel

As I am a single female living in Playa, I'm pretty sure I can help you out with that area. =)

Food & drink

I am always trying in places here in Playa… I know the best hidden spots, the best local restaurants (with local rates). You tell me what you like, I tell you where to go).


I'm an expert in Playa del Carmen, which is located in the Riviera Maya. I've also lived in Mexico City, Queretaro, Puerto Vallarta and Puebla… I can give you some suggestions to which other cities you should go and visit for sure based on your personality. =)


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