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Emi Kihslinger

Country Director – CORAfrica
Get in touch and I'll tell you all my embarrassing stories!! Repeating them or not is up to you of course 😉


Solo travel

Lots of solo travel around East Africa. It's a unique experience that some people find they're not great at and others discover they love it! I can help you figure out how to decide which side of the fence you fall on and how to do solo travel right 🙂

Working overseas

I worked for a short time in Cambodia, then I worked for about a year in Uganda. I've now moved on to being based in NYC, but the majority of the organizations projects are in Nigeria, so I travel there for work frequently.

Travel with pets

I was given a dog while living in Uganda and quickly became FAR too attached to ever let him go. Unfortunately, that means traveling together in E Africa, taking him home, etc. It can be a bit daunting, but it's certainly not impossible. Let's talk about it!

Female travel

Well, I'm a woman, and I solo travel a lot. I also travel in small groups of women a lot. I've done it in one of the most young-tourist friendly area in the world (SE Asia) and in one of the most aggressive areas in the world (E Africa). Like with most things, it's fun and wonderful and empowering and safe….if you do it right.

Expat life

As I mention in my work experience, I've plopped myself down to work across two continents, and adjusting to life as an expat is tricky. I can help you ease the transition and live your best life wherever you've chosen to be!




East Africa

One year in Uganda, travel to Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria (not in E Africa, I know). Extensive knowledge of the political and security situation in the Central African Republic, the DRC, and South Sudan. Have connections with people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda.

Southeast Asia

Spent time working in Cambodia (just over a month), then traveled for three weeks in Thailand and Vietnam. Contacts in all three countries.