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Erin Bogar

Freelance Writer and Personal Trainer
Expert on expat life and travel in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Buenos Aires.


Teaching English

We moved to Japan in 2012 to teach English for ECC (Education through Communication for the Community) in Nagoya, Japan. We taught kids and adult classes ages one and up and after moving to Tokyo in 2013 my husband taught business English with ECC and Phoenix Associates. We can advise anyone interested in teaching English in Japan about the application and interview process as well as the transition to life in Japan and experience of teaching at conversation schools and business English courses.

Expat life

I've lived as an expat university student studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, taught English in Nagoya, Japan and worked as a personal trainer in Tokyo. I can advise on getting jobs overseas, studying abroad, and the pros and cons of living in a foreign country.

Couples travel

My husband and I have traveled throughout the US, Central and South America, and Japan. We can advise couples interested in long term trips and living abroad on how to get the most out of your trips as a couple and plan your trips around each individual's travel style.


I lived in Buenos Aires during university and studied Spanish at La Universidad de Buenos Aires taking classes along with Argentine students. I lived with a host family in Palermo Hollywood and traveled to Uruguay, Iguazu, Bariloche, and Cordoba. I can offer tips on travel throughout Argentina and living in Buenos Aires.


I taught English in Nagoya, Japan and worked as a personal trainer in Tokyo. I've traveled throughout Japan and can offer advise for anyone interested in traveling to Japan, moving to Japan, and teaching English in Japan.


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