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Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer,Photographer, and SMM Consultant
Grown up Third Culture Kid and dual citizen with 30+ years of travel experience.


Travel blogging / writing

I'm a freelance writer writing for my own sites as on other sites and magazines ( Parent Tribe, Wild Sister, Wandering Educators, etc). Writing is my passion!

Long-term travel

Female travel

From traveling alone to India to flying all over Europe and Africa by myself as a teenager, I'm familiar with international travel from a female perspective.

Expat life

I've been what some would call an Expat for most of my life. Because I'm a Third Culture Kid, I grew up between three countries; now that I'm an adult, I still live in a third culture, this time being Thailand. I've written extensively on what it's like to be on the margins of a culture as well as how one can best fit in while still retaining their unique cultural identity.

Family travel

Our family embarked upon a journey from LA to Paju, South Korea and onwards to Italy, Thailand, and even Scotland! We're well educated in the challenges that one faces while flying internationally with young children ( Kaya was 15 months when we took off!).


I'm British and have traveled throughout the UK. The main areas I am familiar with are Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Southampton, and Cowes ( Isle of Wight)


Our family lived in Toscana. We are familiar with both travel within Italy as well as living there long term.


We've been living in Thailand for 3 years, specifically in Phuket. We also lived in Bangkok briefly. I know the Thai culture very well and am publishing a guide book for those who are considering moving to Phuket.

Southeast Asia


Grew up in Antibes on the French Riviera. Lived there for 18+ years.


Featured in Real Family Travel Magazine

Featured on Boba Traveling Family Spotlight


Top Family Lifestyle blogger


Editor at Journey To Scotland


Culinary Travel Expert


Regular Contributor to Wild Sister Magazine


Award Winning Travel Writer