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Emma Higgins

Travel Writer & Global Volunteer
Solo female traveller with a mission to volunteer around the globe for free. I've travelled 30 countries, mostly alone, on a very tight budget since 2009.


Expat life

I'm originally from the UK, but have lived and worked in both Spain and Canada – and only intend to make that list longer. This has given me the experience necessary to offer advice on how to settle into expat life around the world, and the things you need to know in order to successfully live away from home.


I've volunteered for free in various places across the globe, and it has been the backbone of my travel experiences. As a result, I can offer plenty of advice on finding the right placement for you, and at a very low cost. I have a bank of resources for free or low-cost volunteering, which will help you travel the world for very little money.

Female travel

As a solo female traveller, I've built up the confidence to travel alone as a woman. I've travelled alone through North and South America, and Europe, and would feel very confident travelling almost anywhere alone. With the skills I've learnt through this, I could offer advice to females wanting to travel alone, or women who just need advice about being a female on the road, along or otherwise.

Budget travel

I started travelling the world with very little money in my pocket, and have made my life about travel ever since regardless. Therefore I can offer plenty of advice on how to keep your costs down while you travel, from accommodation, food, and transport, to sheer will power and discipline!

South America

I backpacked alone through South America in 2012/2013, so could offer advice on the ins and outs of travelling through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. To be specific, travel in this area concerning volunteering, hostelling, and necessities such as vaccinations, safety, visas, and transport would be among my strengths.

Western Europe

Being a traveller from the UK, Western Europe is like my second home. I lived in Barcelona for 8 months, and have travelled in almost every other country in Western Europe. I feel confident in offering my advice for those looking to work or travel in Western Europe, as I know the region and its possibilities very well.


My first solo travel experience was volunteering in British Columbia for 3 months, and I have since lived in Ontario for a year. I can help with advice on IEC working holiday visas, and getting around Canada as a traveller.


I lived in Barcelona teaching English back in 2012, and have volunteered up in a remote part of the Pyrenees, so my experience of Spanish culture would help those wishing to travel to the country.


Voluntourism Contributor to Travel + Escape


Senior Editor at Green Global Travel

Voluntourism Contributor to GoAbroad.com