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Lindsey Hodder

Travel Writer
Location independent traveller who skipped the 'real world' to begin travelling full time.


Female travel

Much of my travel experience has been solo. As a woman travelling alone I've travelled through Europe and parts of South East Asia. I can offer advice to women worried about travelling alone, as well as just general advice about travelling as a woman.

Trekking & hiking

As an avid hiker, many of my travels have involved at least one long trek. I can offer advice for those wishing to hike on their travels – from picking a trail, experience levels necessary, to packing for a hike, and advice on how to pack for a hike when it's only a small part of a larger trip.

Organized tours

My first travel experience was with a tour. I can give you advice on why I chose it, what I learnt, what sort of tour I'd do in future, organised tours for fledgling travellers, advice for those trying to select their own tour, and more.

Budget travel

I started travelling whilst studying, without having lots of savings to spare. Since then, I've made my life about travel. I can offer plenty of advice about planning, making a budget, sticking to savings goals, and figuring out the important things to spend money on on the road are.

Western Europe

I travelled around Western Europe as my first international travel experience, and am returning there in November. I have a broad knowledge of the area, and can help narrow down choices between regions, and what to expect from each.

New Zealand

I recently spent five weeks roadtripping around New Zealand. Let the research I put into that trip, as well as my experiences on the road, work for you! I can offer advice on planning and costing a road trip, the major spots to visit, the best routes, and hiking.


Having travelled Australia extensively whilst growing up, I know the East Coast of the country like the back of my hand. Advice about NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland are my strongest categories. I'm also the Australia destination writer for Viator.com.


Destination Writer for Viator.com