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Natalie Sayin

Freelance Travel Writer
Specialising in the country of Turkey; the people , places, culture, food and historical sites.


Organized tours

I work closely with many Turkish travel companies and can advise on tour itineraries and the responsibility of a guide

Solo travel

I travel solo around Turkey and can advise on safety issues and situations that solo female travellers will experience.


My expertise for Turkey is culture and history. Do you have a question about these genres? If so, ask away

Expat life

I live permanently on the Aegean coast of Turkey and am also in contact with many ex-pats of various nationalities, who live in different places around the country.


I arrived in Turkey in 2001 and have been here ever since. I have seen the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Black Sea and Southeast regions. Istanbul and Cappadocia are also two of my favourite places.