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Rachel & Greg Denning

Parents of six and long-term travelers; authors; adventurers
Traveling the globe with our (now) six kids since 2007. Exploration, adventure, culture, language, humanitarian work and location independence.


Travel blogging / writing

Long-term travel

We've been nomadic and on the move since 2007 when we sold most of our things.

Budget travel

Expat life

We've lived in India, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Guatemala… we've learned about setting up house — utilities, internet, finding places to shop and more — in several places around the world.

Family travel

Traveling since 2007 when we had four children under the age of four, we now have six ranging from newborn to age 11. We've experienced it all — plane, bus, taxi and overland. We have a few tips to share.

Costa Rica


Dominican Republic

Central America