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Savio Lemos

marketing student, Sydney
I'm an independent traveller (english, portuguese and spanish speaker) since 2008. I believe travelling makes us more humans and less part of the system. Cheers


Solo travel

I’ve travelled extensively throughout Brazil (15 States, with highlight to the Northeast coast, from Fortaleza, my hometown, down to Salvador, where takes place one of the most famous carnivals on the planet), Spain (I travelled for 50 days / 13 cities and spent only 2,30 euros / day with accommodation), New Zealand (3 months travelling solo), Australia (I've been living here for 3 years and travelled to Gold Coast and Melbourne) and France (only Paris).

Working overseas

I've been living and working (6 different jobs) in Australia (Sydney) for the past 3 years, therefore I have a bunch of tips and suggestions for you that want to get here and start working straight away.

Budget travel

I've travelled around Spain for 50 days / 13 Cities and spent only 2,30 euros / day with accommodation. Therefore I have many tips and advices for you, not only in regards to accommodation but also on transport and food.


In dec/2013 I set out on a 50 days trip to Spain and it was the best experience of my life. I visited 13 cities from Andalusia (south) up to San Sebastián (near the border with France). The highlights of this trip were Cordoba, Granada, Barcelona, Toledo and Salamanca as the cities that I enjoyed the most. During this trip I spent very little money, specially with accommodation – 2,30 euros / day. If you have any question about Spain, do NOT hesitate to contact me. I can be really helpful !

Australia/New Zealand

I've travelled for 3 months in New Zealand and visited 14 cities, from the Bay of Islands (north) down to Dunedin. I spent more time in Auckland and Christchurch. I was backpacking and driving a campervan, so if yo need advices on this country, feel free to talk to me. As for Australia, what can I say ? Australia has been my second home for the past 3 years. I am living in the Northern beaches, Sydney and have travelled to Melbourne and Gold Coast (3 times).


I am brazilian and worked as a travel agent for 8 years, so therefore I know quite a few things about my homecountry. Having travelled extensively throughout the Northeast coast (Fortaleza – Cumbuco – Jericoacoara – Natal – Praia da Pipa – Recife – Porto de Galinhas – Salvador) + Rio de Janeiro. I can give you great advices on my country, specially about safety issues and itinerary. I also have many good connections that would help you to shape up your trip and make the most out of it !