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Brendan van Son

Travel Journalist and Photographer
I'm a Canadian travel journalist who has been to over 80 countries on 6 continents including some incredibly off-the-beaten path destinations.


Solo travel

Have travelled solo for much of my life.


I am a professional travel photographer who has been featured by a number of major magazines.

Long-term travel

I've been travelling for over 5 years in a row.

Adventure activities

Have scootered down Africa, kayaked Antarctica, gone on self-drive safaris and more.

Budget travel

I've travelled for over 5 years on a budget of less than $45 a day

Southern Africa

Was in Southern Africa independently for 6 months

West Africa

Travelled to every country in West Africa

North America

Born and raised in North America, and have travelled almost all of it.

South America

Have been to every country in south and central america

Central America

Have been all over central america


Top 100 Travel Photographer in the World

Top Travel Blog for Students