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Fernanda Prats

fashion stylist turned into digital nomad
Authentic experiences, stylish findings & practical tips from a Brazilian living each month in a different place on earth (participant on Remote Year #1).


Female travel

Why should we feel uncomfortable to travel just because of our gender? It's just a matter of learning about the culture, having the right attitude and avoiding dangerous situations. Many men also need this kind of tip!

Career break

I traded my glamourous lifestyle for a digital nomad experience. I'm learning how to do it "on the road" and sharing my findings to inspire other career breakers. I'm always on the lookout for cool workspaces and other tips to make the nomadic life flows better..

Travel blogging / writing

I write in my native language (Portuguese), to remain authentic and inspire more people to have real experiences on their travels.

Long-term travel

I spend at least a month in each city to have a real taste of the lifestyle


I used to work with editors and photographers, helping to express concepts on styling models and actors. Now I dare to capture what really inspire me and showcase my particular point of view, regardless of any elaborate technique.


As native on this big country, I've not only travelled around but also explored unique locations – working on editorials, catalogues and adverstising.

South America

I've been to many interesting places in the countries around Brazil, as I used to work on photo shoots for editorials, catalogues and advertising.

North America

I can't say I'm a specialist but I travelled around quite a bit!

Southeast Asia

I'm currently exploring this corner of the world.

Northern Europe

Exploring Scandinavia doesn't need to be so expensive. I made a lot of stylish budget findings in this trip!