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Geir Ertzgaard

Educator, photographer and traveller
Teach photography, global issues and travel, with a special knowledge of southeast Asia and Southern Africa



I've helped young people plan and execute trips to all continents since 2001, and know many of the tricks of the trade. I am as much a travel mentor as a traveller, and enjoy tremendously helping people living their dream while they have the chance.

Travel blogging / writing

I have run my own travel and photo blog Verden og vestkysten (The World and the West Coast) since 2004, although it's down to the bones at the moment due go servicing a few other blogs. See www.ertzgaard.net/geir, www.globalvillage.no etc.

Organized tours

I have organized more than 30 trips from two to four weeks to Southeast Asia, Kenya and Southern Africa since 2001, and have a Master in Theology with a thesis on culture and religion in East Africa. I work as a travel teacher at www.solborg.fhs.no in Stavanger, Norway.


I have been teaching photography since 2001, and as my main subject since 2007. The main focus on our photography course is travel and photography, and my students' work can be seen at www.globalvillage.no.

Budget travel

I've been travelling to almost 50 countries, lived in Kenya, and planned and done trips extensively since 1981. I always travel budget, and have a high knowledge of how to get prices down to the bare bown level without compromising too much on quality. I am usually able to cut prices by 30% from price offers from even backpacker focused travel agents like Kilroy Travels in Norway.


I've lived and travelled most parts of my own country, and with my brother we keep a photo site where we've photographed a high number of counties and districts. I spend every summer travelling around Norway, and have a good understanding of how a foreign visitor to Norway can get the most out of the country.

East Africa

I've visited East Africa almost yearly since 2004, and lived in the country before that. My main knowledge is the tourist track, but understand and have experience of the best places and the best time to visit.

Southern Africa

Mainly Zambia, but also the standard route from Caprivi to Sesriem in Namibia. I have stayed for several months in Zambia, and visited the Livingstone area almost every years since 2008.

Southeast Asia

Since 2001 I have visited all countries in the area except from Myanmar and Indonesia. I have travelled most areas, and have an expert understanding of the best the region has to offer, and how to get around arranging visits, especially to Cambodia, but also to Laos, Vietnam, Southern China and Hong Kong.


Edited the anthology "The pedagogics of Travel" (Reisens pedagogikk)


thank you for the answer.

alireza bo • July 30, 2014