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George Cesp

Editor at traveladept.com, blogger, passionate traveler, MD
I have been traveling since I was a little kid . At 14 years old I already backpacked South America alone! I love to inspire others to travel


Travel blogging / writing

I am part of the Editorial Team of Traveladept.com I have been writing articles and being part of the little team that runs this successful travel website. I have a lot to share about the experience of years in travel blogging and writing

Health & safety

I am an MD myself and passionate researcher of current situations around the world. I have traveled a lot and never has been seriously ill on the road. I have learned from my own travel experiences and from reading and my Medical practice in countries such as Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala

Vacations & holidays

I spend a big deal of my time on the road. I write a lot for traveladept.com and other travel websites. I have visited 80 + countries. So I have a lot of experience in the planning and execution process of traveling not only for my self but for my colleagues and many others. I have been in charge of planning all the trips of our team since the beginning of our website.

Luxury travel

I am a discerning traveler, full of passion for hotels and luxurious experiences. I am very familiar with the world of hospitality and I am considered by many as master for getting the best reates in the most luxurious locations. I have designed the itineraries of many travelers around the world and they loved their experiences

United Arab Emirates

One of my favorite destinations in the world. I have been there in many opportunities and I have stayed in each one of the Emirates. It is a fascinating destination and I certainly know some of the best places to stay and to enjoy!


I lived in Italy for six years. I have helped many friends to plan and to execute their trips to Italy. I speak fluent Italian. So I know very well their culture and their lifestyle. I can help planning a trip to any destination in Italy, but Rome -the city where I lived- is the place I know the best there.

South America

I studied Medicine in Bolivia and I have travelled extensively the Continent. Actually my first big trip was backpacking in South America when I was 14 years old. I have been in every single country of South America, but I am very familiar with places such as Colombia, Chile and Bolivia.

Central America

I am originally from Central America. I practice as MD in Guatemala. I am very familiar with my own country Costa Rica and with Guatemala a destination that I have visited hundred of times.

Southeast Asia

I have travelled many times to SouthEast Asia and I have done a lot of personal research about these countries. I am very familiar with destinations such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, Phuket, Manila and much more. I visited South East Asia at least two or three times a year.