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Hardy Awadjie

Film by day, Chef by night
Traveled to 13 different countries, having lived in Australia and Germany with extended time in Japan, Canada and Italy.


Technology & travel

Back in the early-mid 2000s when I traveled I wish I had the technology that is readily available today for travelers. Technology today has made for a far more efficient journey for myself and when traveling with others.

Visas & immigration

I have experience dealing with visas required for various countries.

Working overseas

I worked in Australia for 3 years on a working-holiday visa.

Budget travel

I aim to travel as cheaply as possible through various sites out there that offer discounted stays to places where I can crash for free.

Long-term travel

Lived in Australia for 3 years and was in Japan for 3 weeks. Currently in LA having relocated from Seattle, WA


Spent a day in Vanuatu while on a P&O Cruise.

United States

Lived in Seattle/Pullman, Washington and currently in Los Angeles, CA. have been all over both the West and East coasts.

New Caledonia

Spent a day in Vanuatu while on a P&O Cruise.


Spent 3 weeks in Japan: Narita, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto.

Australia/New Zealand

Spent 3 years in Australia living in Brisbane and Gold Coast but traveling all over the East Coast from Cairns to Melbourne. Traveled to New Zealand for 2 days.